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Ailin Uakassova

Ailin Uakassova is a high school student in Astana Kazakhstan. Born in Uralsk, Kazakhstan, and raised throughout the seven continents of the world, Ailin's upbringing has been characterized by a nomadic lifestyle, instilling in her a deep appreciation for diversity and a keen awareness of global issues.

My Story

She has been captivated by the ethical and philosophical dimensions of the medical and scientific spheres, harboring a desire to make a meaningful difference in the world. Ailin's academic pursuits are underscored by her commitment to studying medical law, with a particular emphasis on areas such as medical malpractice. Ailin is driven by a sense of justice and seeks to be an advocate of it in all that she does. 

Outside of the classroom, Ailin is dedicated to helping those in need - people and animals! Whether volunteering at local shelters or lending a helping hand to close friends, she aspires to embody the principles of empathy and kindness in all her endeavors. Her latest project, Debate Balalar Astana is a debate program for disadvantaged children in Kazakhstan, a fast developing country with widening gaps between rich and poor, urban and rural, haves and have-nots. In the context of a developing economy and gradually liberalizing society and political system, Ailin believes the best way to advocate for people is to help them to advocate for themselves. By helping people discover how to confidently engage in public discourse, Ailin aims to open up political and social debate to marginalized people in society.

Outside of school and her advocacy, Ailin finds joy and fulfillment on the volleyball court, where she enjoys time with teammates without which wouldn’t have gotten her to possess two third-place medals and a first place trophy . Through the camaraderie of sports, she develops her leadership abilities and cultivates a resilient mindset that propels her forward in her academic and personal pursuits.

Ailin plans to pursue a major in philosophy to delve deeply into ethics and the big questions underlying political and social currents but later apply this in a legal career. With a strong foundation in the big ideas that move the world and rhetoric, Ailin is confident she can do her part as a lawyer to bend the arc of history just a little bit more towards justice.

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